What I've Been Involved in a Taxi Accident With

What I've Been Involved in a Taxi Accident With

 What I've Been Involved in a Taxi Accident With

So you were involved in a taxi accident, and it's your fault. That's understandable, you were busy with the accident, and didn't see the other driver, who was very lucky to avoid a far more serious injury. Being involved in an accident is an expensive process, and if you can avoid it, all is well. However, you can't control other drivers, and you certainly can't avoid the damage to your car if someone else hits you. It's why the law requires you to be covered by an insurance company. It's also why you must have taxi insurance.

What Do You Need?In reality, there is no one size fits all taxi insurance, you should take into account your personal circumstances. The best advice is to work out what sort of cover you need, and then check a few companies to see what they offer. For example, some will take account of your journey time and the number of passengers, and offer the relevant cover.

But don't let the small print get the best of you. Check what is included in the cover, and ask if you can benefit in the way that you wish by paying extra on top of the insurance. It's also a good idea to consider the multitude of extras that might be available to you, such as public liability, breakdown cover, television licence and public liability.

What Is Cover?There is a range of things that are covered in your taxi insurance policy. You can choose to take out fully comprehensive taxi insurance, which will cover collisions, fires and vandalism. You can choose third party, fire and theft insurance, which will cover your taxi if it is damaged in an accident and the driver is to blame. Fully comprehensive is the dearest level of cover, but it gives everything that third party fire and theft does, plus the damage to your taxi and the uninsured driver. Third party is cheaper than fully comprehensive but you're entitled to only receive a third party claim if you're the cause of the accident.

Who Is Covered?You will be covered by your taxi insurance policy, regardless of who is at fault for the accident. This is important as the taxi insurance policy is there to protect your interests from the costs. In circumstances where the other party is not insured, your taxi insurance policy will cover any costs, however you will be responsible for your own legal costs, which are not covered by the policy. Be sure to check whether you are fully covered before taking to the road.

What's In For You?All insurance comes with conditions and rules. These are usually stated in the policy and often called the terms and conditions. They usually include the amount of the excess when you claim, your liabilities and payment if you are disagreeable, and any other things that are mentioned. Taxi insurance is normally a pre-payment so it may be a bit more expensive than car insurance. It will also carry other legal costs too, such as court costs. However you are able to get two months for the price of one month as a way of comparing costs. You can also do a comparison on the Money Supermarket website.

Taxi insurance is a lot more expensive than car insurance but the cover is important if you have to drive a taxi. Other aspects of the policy include protection from fire and theft, as well as an excess - the amount of money you will have to pay before the policy company pays the rest. You can always pick the rental company's insurance if you don't have cover at the moment. Before you take to the road, you should always check that your cover is adequate for what you are planning to do.

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